30-Day BTB Program


S TA R T   YO U R   J O U R N E Y   T O  B E CO M I N G   T H E   B E S T   VE R S I O N   OF   YOU!

Do you eat an unbalanced portion of carbs, fats and proteins? Is the majority carbs?
Are you fighting some form of inflammation?
Do you feel sluggish after eating carbs?
Do you commonly feel bloated after meals?
Do you crave sugary or salty foods?
Do you go through highs and lows in energy levels throughout the day?

Introduce yourself to a method that is not only proven to be very effective for weight loss but improving other health markers such as blood sugar levels as well as neurological health, hormonal balance and more. 

Finding the right food balance is not just about weight loss, it is about feeling your best.

This program will provide you with:

  • 20+ delicious easy recipes 

  • tracking tools

  • online support

  • and an opportunity to create new habits you can maintain!

What is Low Carb - High Fat?

Many people will know you can lose weight and still feel unhealthy, and often focusing on your health comes with a myriad of outcomes along the way, weight loss being one of them.


Low-carb High-fat is a diet that limits carbohydrate foods, pretty obvious right? Foods with added sugars, grains, starchy vegetables, and certain fruit are among the list of restricted foods, while focusing on foods that are high in protein and fat.


Majority of the time we rely on glucose (sugar) as our primary energy source. Inside the body glucose is used to fuel each cell. BUT there is another fuel source we can use effectively, fats! Low-carb planning is effective because it causes glucose stores to run out quickly, and when your supply runs low enough it will turn to fat for fuel as a back-up source. This could be fat coming from your diet or from your own body fat stores.

A bonus to this diet is you are naturally eliminating harmful processed foods while focusing on high fibre, antioxidant rich and anti-inflammatory foods. This is a great way to get a variety of nutritious
wholefoods in your diet, and of course incorporated into delicious, easy recipes to keep your daily meals exciting.

In addition to weight loss, many people experience more consistency in their energy levels, increased satiety after meals, no more bloating and digestive discomfort, improved sleep, and greater productivity.

As mentioned, this diet is anti-inflammatory which means ongoing aches and pains may be alleviated or reduced. It can also lead to an improvement in chronic diseases which flare-up when your body is inflamed.

There are so many benefits you may experience along the way, and I cannot wait to hear of your experience!