Hi! I'm Becky

I have been that person that has no idea how to cook, I also used to have no interest in food what so ever, let a lone respect the wonders it can do for the human body. Bingeing, addiction, undernourished, fatigued, always feeling sub-level… this is the life I used to live.

10 years ago I was completely disconnected from my body, but I had no idea how my dietary and lifestyle habits were affecting my health.


I lived a constant on-the-go lifestyle, I never knew when to stop and to be honest it didn’t feel right when I did. I was not eating to fuel and nourish my body for the demands I was putting on it, instead I was eating little in compensation for the foods I did not want to give-up, or ultimately that I craved.

  • I did not respect food and nutrition, although I wanted to be healthy.

  • I did not respect my body.

  • I pushed and tested the boundaries until my body said no.


This lead to undernourishment, then adrenal fatigue, and eventually CIN2/3 also known as precancerous cells within my cervix. A gradual process of deficiency, fatigue, and below normal functioning which left my body vulnerable to cancer….CANCER! How could I let it get that bad?!

I was living life, but constantly putting my body under stress along the way. Stress was in the form of work, study, exercise, social life, food, with very little opportunity to rest. So, after finding out my risk of developing cancer, I dedicated my time towards achieving a healthier version of myself. For me that did not mean on the outside, but on the inside. I learnt how to listen to my body's signals and warning signs, so I could address what it was trying to communicate to me. I made myself slow down, which was hard because the exercise was my way of keeping in shape and staying healthy. Little did I know my nutrition had more influence in achieving this.


I studied for 6 years majoring in exercise science, and then continuing my health journey by completing a Diploma in Nutrition to be aligned with the Clinical Nutrition Association in New Zealand. I was actually diagnosed and treated for the CIN2/3 during my first year of studying the Diploma of Nutrition. I remember sitting down in my classes thinking this is my time to change, to learn, and to better myself so that I can help others to do the same. This is where my love for food blossomed and my cooking skills began to develop. I have never had a cooking lesson (other than from my dad) all the knowledge I have comes from trying to achieve a healthier version of myself, and gain some control back over my health. Slowly, my relationship with food and my body began to heal.


I found balance, and continue to gain more control every day.


My approach to nutrition is very similar to my journey. Gradual. I listen to my body and give it what it needs, I practice consistency along with the freedom to enjoy what I eat. I enjoy a wholefoods based, balanced diet, and I have gained a level of control which allows me to enjoy other foods whilst being at ease with my decision.


Now, it is my turn to help you do the same!

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